torsdag, november 07, 2013

Where to Eat in Schwabing, München

I don't normally post in English, but I thought I would make an exception when I list my favourite places to shop and eat around my old neighbourhoods in Schwabing, München. If you ever find yourself nearby, here are the places I'd recommend for a bite to eat:

Restaurant Italy Leopoldstrasse 108. This restaurant is next door to where we used to live, so we have had a lot of good food from them. Seeing as we love Italian food, this has been perfect! My husband loves their pizza with mozzarella and tomatoes, but I prefer to try different things on the menu. Two favurites are the fresh mussels in a tomato and chili sauce and the pizza with rocket lettuce, parmesan and parma ham. Simply delicious!

Brotraum - Herzogstrasse 6. A lovely little organic bakery. This is where we bought our favourite bread and on Saturday mornings we sometimes indulged in their croissants. Vanilla is my favourite whereas my husband and son prefer the chocolate ones. They also offer sandwiches, baked sweets and soups.

Conditorei Münchner Freiheit - Münchner Freiheit 20. We have spent many sunny mornings at the café at Münchner Freiheit. Their brunch selection is very good, from the classic Bayern dish weisswürst with mustard and brezn, to yogurts, omelettes and a good selection of breads. Their ice cream is tasty and they have a big selection of different sundaes and other ice cream dishes. For example you can get a bowl of ice cream for 50 €. I'd recommend not to eat that by yourself!

Al Pacino - Leopoldstrasse 87. Mmm, maybe my favourite restaurant in München! They have a wide selection of Italian food and has probably the best service in whole of Munich as well. Their meat dishes comes with lovely cooked veggies and during the week they have three extremely good valued menues (starter, main and dessert) to chose from during lunch time. One veggie menu for 7,50 €, one meat menue for 8,50 € and a fish menu for 9,50 €! Excellent value. And their desserts are out of this world! I sometimes dream about their tiramisu...

Das GaumenSpiel - Marktstrasse 15. A cute little bar/café that also sells a good selection of tea and other goodies. The owners make really tasty macarons and also scones that are too die for! With jam and homemade clotted cream, of course!

Monac'O - Ursulastrasse 10. Every night between 18-21 there is a Cocktail Happy Hour where every cocktail costs 5,50 €. I'd highly recommend the Blueberry Mojito!

Condesa - Münchner Freiheit 6. A little hole in the wall where one can find delicious tacos, burritos and quesadillas. Their homemade lemonade is also very good. My advice is to buy a taco and bring it with you for a picnic in the Englischer Garten just a few minutes away.

Wirtshaus zur Brez'n - Leopoldstrasse 72. A classic Bayerish restaurant where the waitresses wear dirndls and the waiters lederhosen. Here you can find all the specialites of Bayern, like wienerschnitzel, schweinbraten and fleischpflanzerl, and later in the evening they also have happy hour for cocktails.

Gelato Bartu - Wilhelmstrasse 23. Organic ice cream that tastes fantastic! Try the New York Cheesecake ice cream. They also make delicious organic pizzas, so I'd recommend a pizza to share and then some ice cream for dessert!

Tacos y Tequila - Herzogstrasse 93. A genuine Mexican restaurant with excellent Margaritas and food. Not many tables, so arrive early or book beforehand.

Tijuana - Leopoldstrasse 13A. Tasty Mexican food in a nice setting. A long list of cocktails to choose from!

Seerose Trattoria - Feilitzchstrasse 15. Nice setting on the way to the Englischer Garden and they serve brunch on weekends.

Bachmaier Hofbräu - Leopoldstrasse 50. Every Sunday they set up an impressive brunch buffet. A chef makes an omelette of your choice and after that you can dig in on the rest!

I Love Leo - Leopoldstrasse 80. Tasty smoothies and frozen yoghurts. Alfred's favoruite treat!

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Jenny sa...

Vilken lista! Den här ska jag skcika till vännen som bodde i München, för hennes bror och hans tjej bor kvar där. DE kanske inte har upptäckt alla ställen än. Tipptopp! :)


Lena sa...

Har haft München på min besökslista länge så det här ska sparas, tack! Förresten,känns det skönt att ha engelska som det dagliga språket igen?

Desiree sa...

Åh super! Underbart med alla dessa tips. Jag har definitivt Munchen på min lista över platser jag vill besöka. För oss är det ju inte så himla långt dit och då blir ju denna lista helt perfekt. Tack !

Annika sa...

TREVLIGT, den ska jag ta till om jag kommer till Munchen, vilket jag HOPPAS att jag gör.
Hur känns det förresten?
Saknar du Munchen mkt nu?

Miss Marie sa...

Jenny - absolut! Nåt nytt kan man alltid hitta! :)

Lena - väääldigt skönt med engelska överallt! :)

Desiree - nej, för er är det ju bara en kort bit! :)

Annika - jag saknar vissa ställen i München, och såklart alla våra kompisar, men annars trivs jag i England! :)

storasyster sa...

Fasen vad hungrig jag blev nu. Bäst att börja med maten :)

Miss Marie sa...

Storasyster - haha! :D